About Us

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This project was conceived in 2016 during a visit that Ula and Carlos made to the mission of Father Angel Olaran in Wukro, Ethiopia. Wukro is a city in the Tigrai region, one of the poorest and most depressed in Ethiopia. During this visit they were able to see what this giant of generosity has achieved during his more than 25 years of missionary work.

65% of ethiopian women are illiterate.

Young women who come from rural areas study primary school in their villages and remain with their families, or get married very young, which makes emancipation impossible.

The few who manage to study in cities do so almost without means. Many end up resorting to prostitution to survive, with the disastrous consequences that this entails.

The couple Maje (María Jesus Martin Barcala) and Ale (Alejandro Carretoni), have been working as volunteers in the mission of Father Angel for several years. Today they are responsible for the Carula Foundation in Ethiopia.

We are very grateful for their voluntary dedication and generous effort as well as the timely advice of Father Angel.

How we work

In Ethiopia
We work in collaboration with Women’s Affairs of Kilte Awlaelo Woreda Department (our local counterpart). This team proposes to the Foundation the candidates according to their needs and merits and controls, together with Ale and Maje, the many operational and administrative aspects of the management.

In Spain
We work to promote the project and manage fundraising.

Our Team

Ursula Walter Kruse

Fundacion Carula Team - Ursula Walter Kruse

Founding Partner, President

Carlos Maria Criado Perez Trefault

Fundacion Carula Team - Carlos Maria Criado Perez Trefault

Founding Partner

Jose Luis Criado Perez Trefault

Fundacion Carula Team - Jose Luis Criado Perez Trefault


Angel Olaran

Fundacion Carula Team - Angel Olaran


Maria Jesus Martín Barcala

Fundacion Carula Team - Maria Jesus Barcala


Alejandro Carretoni

Fundacion Carula Team - Alejandro Carretoni


Luis Flox

Fundacion Carula Team - Luis Flox

Consultant, Staff


Fundacion Carula Team - Tsege

Head of Women´s Association


Fundacion Carula Team - Kibatu

Center Director

Robert Michels

Fundacion Carula Team - Robert Michels

IT Consultant