… is to ensure that girls from remote villages with lack of resources have access to secondary and university education, complementing their training with learning English and other activities.


Women are the great opportunity for humanity in the 21st century.

  • We believe in women.
  • We want a better world.

The most effective investment to date is the education of women and the improvement of their rights. Women are the key element to achieve peace on earth, to stop the unsustainable growth of the world population and to put humanity in tune with nature.



Our shelter in Agulae houses 31 girls. It has four large bedrooms, a study/dining room, a kitchen and sanitary facilities. The secondary school, which the girls attend daily, is only a 5 minutes walk. The school day is divided into two shifts morning and afternoon.

The other activities and classes of English and Spanish are taught in our shelter at the end of the afternoon and during the weekends.