Maria Jesus Martín Barcala

Maria Jesus Martín Barcala (Maje) spanish/peruvian, 33 years old, studies Teaching in Special Education and Music Therapy.

As well, she carries out studies related to the formation of different groups at risk or social exclusion. She has worked with groups of children and adolescents, especially in the field of non-formal education and with various groups of people with integration difficulties (mostly women). For six years she has been working as a volunteer in the mission of Father Angel, collaborating with the Office of Education and the elementary schools of the area, focusing on giving children (with special needs) better attention ability and access to study.

At this moment, together with her husband Alejandro Carrettoni (Ale), she directs as a volunteer the project of the Carula Home Center in Agulae, Tigrai.

Fundacion Carula Team - Maria Jesus Barcala