Hi, I’m Kibatu G Medhin. I was born in May 1986 in Woreda, Wukro, 45 kilometers north of Makale, the capital of the Tigrai region in Ethiopia.

I attended my primary studies in Agulae and the secondary ones in Wukro (1995 and 2003). From 2004 to 2007 I studied Agriculture. Then I entered the university where in 2011 I graduated in Art and Business Administration. Finally in 2014 I graduated as a postgraduate at the Makale University in Gender and Development Studies. Since 2014 I am working as an expert in the Women’s Association of Kilte Awlealo Woreda in Wukro, Tigrai.

I am currently the Director of the first Carula Center in Agulae and I am extremely happy to help these wonderful and talented girls to have access to higher education and to aim for a better life.

Fundacion Carula Team - Kibatu