NEWS Update December 2022

Carlos and I want to send a big hug and our very special thanks for being there, supporting the Carula Foundation.

When the trajectory of a project is interrupted by a war, and the rules of the game are changed so drastically,
it is easy to become frustrated and throw the towel.
Not having fluid communication, not being able to enter the region, not having reliable data
on the country’s politics and, of course, very little, sometimes causes us unease.

It is when we receive photos or some audio that we feel great joy and hope invades us and we are certain that bad times always pass, that the situation is getting a little better each time, and that sooner or later the region will open and everything will be normalized. With the war in Ukraine, little is known about the government’s siege of Tigray. If it is true that a normalization agreement has been reached, although totally dictated by the Central Government. It has not materialized yet, but they have been letting international aid pass for some time now. The trend is positive.

As soon as we can communicate with each of the 11 girls, we will be organizing the path to their economic independence in the short and medium term. We love seeing how healthy and happy they are in the photo. We know from Kibatu, that they get along very well. There is a lot of camaraderie and generosity, and they have formed a great family between them.

They are wanting to progress in life.