Angel Olaran

Angel Olaranis ordained a priest at the age of 33 in the Society of the Missionaries of Africa.

He works 20 years in Tabora, Tanzania, with the Wanyamwezi in three parishes, deepening in the social dimension of Christianity.

At the end of 1992 he accepts the invitation of his superiors to go to Adigrat, Ethiopia, and collaborate in the construction and maintenance of a secondary school in Wukro.

Currently the school has 800 students.

He also has created various programs, which he actively supports such as: caring for the orphans, the elderly, underfed children, mini-credit programs for women and young people of both sexes, rehabilitation of torrents, reforestation, construction of reservoirs, water Wells as well as supporting young girls so that they can attend high school and have access to university …

Fundacion Carula Team - Angel Olaran